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When faced with health issues, including obesity and low self-esteem as a young Black girl, the one thing that made our Founder and CEO, Briana, feel beautiful? You guessed it—lip gloss.

As Briana paved her way in the world, lip gloss served as a fun and creative way to feel beautiful and embrace her personality without a full face of makeup. From interviews to first dates or going out with the girls—it was a bold red lip or a little pop of pink shine that made her feel like she could take on the world. As she grew up, Briana experienced sensitive skin and the added expense associated with high-quality makeup products. Lip gloss and now lipstick continued to be her beauty staples.

In looking at today's increasingly diverse representation in the media—girls and women worldwide—especially those of color, continue to struggle with self-esteem, confidence, and the pressures of perfectionism. Briana wanted to create a health and beauty brand that eliminates the need for a ton of makeup and celebrates beauty in all its forms.