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Lipstick vs. Lipgloss: Which Is Right For You?

Lipstick vs. Lipgloss: Which Is Right For You?
When it comes to achieving a stunning look, lip products play a vital role in adding that finishing touch. Whether you’re going for a natural, clean look, or a soft glam. Lipstick and lipgloss can change your look to match the style you’re going for. In this blog, we will unlock the power of lipstick and lipgloss to help you determine which lip product is perfect for you! 

What’s The Difference? 

Lipgloss is usually a sheer lip product that gives you a glossy finish and adds a high shine to your lips that makes them shimmer in the sun. Lipglosses can come in various forms as well, from oil bases to cream bases, but all of them leave a stunning and glistening finish! Lipglosses—like our Brown Gloss “Glory” are formulated with a base and several oils like sweet almond oil to give your lips that juicy look and moisturizing feel.

Lipstick is usually more opaque but comes in forms like solid and liquid and leaves different finishes like satin or matte. Although matte lipsticks leave an almost dry appearance on the lips, many can be very moisturizing as well, like our Rose Pink Lipstick “Seek” which is formulated with jojoba seed oil to form a barrier on your lips to lock in moisture.

Lipsticks tend to be more pigmented in color and matte so they dry down, making them last longer throughout the day. Lipglosses can also be pigmented as well, leaving a juicy color on your lips!

Bottom line: There is no “right” choice when determining which lip product to choose, it all just depends on your mood and occasion! Gloss can be perfect if you’re going for a natural look to accentuate your features in a simple way—our Pink Gloss “Blessed” is perfect for an everyday look. Got a hot date later or going out with your girls and need bold lipstick that will last for the whole night? Try our Plum Lipstick “Esther”!

We love having a range of different lip formulas and colors to choose from as our plans and feelings change.

Shop our entire collection of lipsticks and lip glosses to discover the perfect lip for you!


By: Kiera James

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