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Meet the LLL Crew’s Newest Member

Meet the LLL Crew’s Newest Member

Our LLL Crew is growing and we could not be more excited! We have two new LLL Crew interns joining us this summer. We are so excited to introduce our Public Relations and Social Media Interns, Isabella Furnaro and Milan Brewster.

Isabella’s bio:

Hi! I am Isabella Furnaro, one of LipLoveLine’s newest interns. I am from Poughkeepsie, New York, and I am currently a rising Senior at the University of Richmond studying business administration with a concentration in marketing and a minor in psychology. In the future I would like to pursue a career in marketing in the fashion and beauty industry. LipLoveLine is the perfect place for me to begin this journey!

Milan’s Bio

Hello! I am Milan Brewster, and I am so excited to be part of the LipLoveLine team! I am a current rising senior at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration of Public Relations and a minor in Fashion Merchandising at VCU Arts. Growing up in a time where social media is a big part of my daily lives, I found a love for fashion and beauty throughout various media platforms. LipLoveLine is a real, authentic beauty brand that will allow me to embrace my love for social media and beauty all in one. 

Q: What is your go-to lip product? 

M: My signature lip product is a light pink lipgloss. It is a quick and easy reapply.

I: My go to lip product is a pink lipgloss, with a slight shimmer to it. 

Q: What is your day to day makeup routine?

M:  One thing I love about LipLoveLine is the emphasis of celebrating beauty in all forms, does not matter what your makeup regime is. My daily makeup routine is a non-makeup makeup look, less is more when you are in a rush. I use sunscreen (ALWAYS!), concealer, mascara, blush, a little dash of bronzer. My favorite trick to my look is to lightly cover my lips in a light toned lipstick then put a clear chapstick over to help moisturize and create a glossy look. 

I:  My day to day makeup routine usually consists of mascara, minimal foundation and concealer, and a gloss. Sometimes, I use blush for more color! I have sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts so I try to keep my beauty routine minimal and use products which are good for my skin.

Q: What is one beauty product you can’t leave the house without?

M: There are two products that can always be found in my purse, lip gloss and chapstick. Lips are a dire part of my everyday look.  

I: One beauty product I can’t leave the house without is my chapstick. I may have a slight addiction to chapstick…

Q:What is your favorite thing about LipLoveLine? 

M: It is amazing to see the brand that Briana has created and what it stands for. My favorite thing about this brand is that it promotes self love and allows others to be celebrated. 

I: My favorite thing about LipLoveLine is that it's more than just a health and beauty brand. I love that the company's mission is deeper than beauty and wants to encourage self acceptance.

Q: Why did we join LipLoveLine?

M: I wanted to learn how the beauty industry worked and gain  hands-on experience within. I felt that LipLoveLine would be able to give me all of the opportunities I was looking for and more! Briana allows us to understand the process of what goes on behind the scenes. It has been such a fun experience thus far! 

I: I joined LipLoveLine because I wanted to begin my career in the beauty industry with a brand that promotes and encourages self love, inclusion, and diversity. I feel that these are very important characteristics that need to be promoted by more brands in the beauty industry. 

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